Foods that Increase your Lifespan and keep you Healthy

Man is constantly seeking ways in increase his lifespan. As much as we would like to life a healthy life is important. There are plenty ways to do this naturally. Maintaining a diet that is devoid of chemicals and others hazardous elements is the best way to life a longer happier and healthier life. By making a few changes in your diet and getting adequate physical activity you will be healthier.

Start your day with a well balanced fiber and protein rich breakfast. Oatmeal and eggs are the perfect options for breakfast. The high fiber content in oatmeal is perfect to keep you satisfied for the first half of the day.

Eating a fiber rich breakfast also lowers cholesterol and thus keeps you healthy. Eggs are another good option as they are protein rich foods. Eggs increase energy and boost metabolism naturally. If you are watching your weight or are keen on loosing weight then eat only egg whites. Bite into your favorite fruits or dry fruits along with your breakfast or carry one with your in your bag.

If your diet is dependant on rice then eating brown rice is a healthier option than polished rice. This type of rice is rich in minerals and other nutrients.

Lentils and peanuts for a snack option are perfect. Lentils are healthy options for women as they are known to fight all forms of cancer and prevent breast cancer.

Amongst the dry fruits walnuts and almonds are good options for snacks and toppings on desserts. They are rich in nutrients and they help to increase your daily nutritional intake.

You need to start including fruits in your diet. To live a healthy life you need to eat 3 to 4 servings of fruits daily. This will help you to stay fit and reduce weight. You need to eat an apple daily as they increase roughage and prevent constipation. They are easy to digest and they aid digestion of the other foods that you eat. This is extremely healthy.

In addition to eating healthy foods you also need to drink a glass of milk everyday and drink plenty of water. Milk offers the body calcium that strengthens the bones and teeth. Water hydrates the body and reduces the amount of toxins in the body.

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