9 Foods That Promote Sexual Health

Sexual Health

A good sexual life is the the base of a happy married life. However, many couples suffer due to disproportionate sexual urges, lack of healthy sex organs or organs of  reproduction. However one need not be disappointed as there are many natural foods that help to overcome these problems. Some of the foods that help promote sexual health are: Sexual Health

Foods That Promote Sexual Health


Almonds is one of those foods that helps to overcome nervous debility and brain weakness and helps promote sexual health. Chewing of equal amount of almonds and Bengal gram helps to restore sexual vigor


Bengal Gram Flour

Bengal gram flour is the effective nutritive food to overcome impotency and premature ejaculation and can be effectively taken with honey, powdered dry dates and skimmed milk powder to promote sexual health.

Bengal Gram Flour


Carrots, an aphrodisiac food taken with half boiled egg dipped in honey daily helps to treat sexual impotency and promote sexual health. But one should take it at least for a month to prove to be a good sexual tonic.


Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek  seeds is the food that helps to strengthen the reproductive system. If these seeds are taken with honey they help to improve the feminine figure and sexual appearance of a woman. Besides fenugreek seeds taken in food contain trimethylamine which improves the sexual hormones and promotes mating and sexual health.

Fenugreek Seeds


Garlic, taken in food regularly imparts sexual vigor and vitality. It is a powerful aphrodisiac food that promotes sexual life by improving sexual health.



Honey taken as food is a spermatogenetic and stimulates sex. It helps both men and women by promoting fertility in women and virility of men. Honey promotes sexual health as it has aspartic acid, Vitamin E and estrogen which promotes female sexuality and development. It is best to take honey mixed with water or milk.


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Indian Gooseberry

Indian Gooseberry has natural rejuvenating and aphrodisiac property with a good amount of Vitamin C. Experts are of the opinion that Vitamin C removes free radicals which damage healthy cells and makes a person feel older. Hence taking Indian gooseberry as a food item promotes sexual health.

Indian Gooseberry

Lady’s finger

Lady’s finger is another food which if taken regularly helped to increase the sperm cells and thicken the semen. So men take the powder of it’s root with milk and sugar candy as a sexual tonic to promote sexual health. The taking of this vegetable is strongly recommended for men who have a deficiency of sperms in their semen.

Lady's finger


Onion is the food that has aphrodisiac properties and increases the libido and strengthens the reproductive organs. The French believe that all couples; man and woman who take an onion soup during the day are sure of good libido at night.

Hence couples; do not miss on these foods to promote your sexual health and enjoy a good sexual life.