Foods that Stimulate and Improve Blood Circulation

In order to improve your health you need to have good blood circulation. Poor circulation can lead to several ailments and conditions and this is normally caused by a poor diet or lack of exercise. Fortunately there are a few foods that help to improve this condition.

Some of the foods that help to increase blood circulation include pumpkin seeds, oranges, nuts, ginger, garlic and melons. Olive oil is healthy oil and must be used in place of other oils. You must use it in your food preparations as it is full of anti oxidants that help to fight heart related disorders caused by poor circulation and also promotes healthy circulation.

You also need to swap white bread consumption with whole grain bread. It will be more nutritious and also contains healthy fibers that are heart healthy. Eat whole grains as far as possible. You must also eat fruits and vegetables with their skin when possible. Normally the skin of these fruits and vegetables contain fibers in high concentration that help to promote health. These healthy fibers increase the circulation of blood and also improve and lower blood cholesterol levels.

Fish is a great asset to your diet when you are interested in increasing your blood circulation and improving your cholesterol levels. Fish is high in omega 3 fatty acids and helps to reduce blood clots thereby increasing blood circulation. Some of the healthy fish to eat are salmon, trout and herring.

In addition to the above changes in your diet you also need to increase your consumption of Vitamin C. This will increase your blood circulation drastically. You must also drink plenty of water daily in order to increase your blood circulation and get rid of harmful toxins in your body. Water helps to improve the functioning of all the parts of your body. A few lifestyle changes will also help to increase circulation. This includes getting plenty of exercise and quitting cigarettes and alcohol.

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