5 Foods To Avoid Tuberculosis



Tuberculosis is a deadly and contagious disease that affects millions every year. The disease is caused when mycobacterium tuberculosis invades the body and infects the lymph nodes and various organs of the body. Tuberculosis can lead to life threatening conditions and also death if it is not treated and diagnosed at the right time.Tuberculosis affects people with reduced immunity.

Out of all the people who are exposed to the bacteria, only 15% contract the disease and the rest are able to naturally fight the bacteria and remove the infection. Therefore much depends on the immunity of the person which will decide whether he gets tuberculosis or not.While there is nothing much we can do other than to take treatment and wait for complete relief once you get tuberculosis, there are certain diet restrictions that you can follow in order to supplement the treatment methods and facilitate faster healing of the disease through an improved immune system response. All TB patients must follow a restricted diet that must not contain the following foods.

 Avoid Refined Sugar

Avoid Refined Sugar

Refined sugars can encourage bacterial action and hence must be completely avoided if you have deadly diseases like tuberculosis. This would mean that you have to cut the intake of white sugar, white bread, pies, refined cereals, puddings and other sweets. Avoiding these foods will help in increasing the efficacy and reducing the time of treatment and also helps in improving the body’s resistance to fight the disease effectively.

Food Containing Sodium

Sodium Contain Food

Sodium is very dangerous for people with hypertension and those with compromised immunity. Tuberculosis patients too must stay away from sodium. Pickles, condiments and processed food contain huge amounts of sodium and should be avoided when you have tuberculosis.

Avoid Various Sauces

Avoid Various Sauces

Though sauces make the food more delicious, they are not a good proposition for frequent use. Sauces contain sugar and sodium in excess which are both bad for patients suffering from tuberculosis. Therefore, avoid sauces as a whole when you are under treatment for tuberculosis and afterwards as well to protect your immunity. Instead of sauces that contain sodium and sugar, you can use fruit sauces like cranberry sauce.



Any food that is a stimulant is not good for the body when consumed on a long term basis. Tea is a stimulant and hence not good for TB patients who are undergoing treatment. It can stimulate the bacterial action and aggravate the condition. If you are so particular about having tea, you can go for green tea which is high in antioxidants and is a natural antibacterial.



Just like tea, coffee too is a stimulant and must be avoided completely when you have tuberculosis. Coffee and tea are both high in caffeine which will encourage bacterial action. All caffeinated products must be avoided during the treatment period and until the disease is completely removed from your body.

Along with all these diet control methods, tuberculosis patients must ensure that the treatment is continued for the entire period without fail.