4 Tips To Get Rid Of Nasal Congestion


Nasal congestion is a common problem in monsoon. It occurs when you get cold. When we are attacked by some allergy or virus there is inflammation or swelling of the blood vessels in the nasal passage accompanied by runny nose and red eyesNasal congestion is irritating state of our body. It gets serious when nasal congestion persists for a long time.

Tips To Get Rid Of Nasal Congestion

People find it tough to breathe when they have nasal congestion. To get rid of nasal congestion, practice home remedies because it is most effective and works best even on children. Thus article will help you to get rid of nasal congestion naturally.

Take Steam

Perhaps the most effective process to clear congestion is to take the steam. Boil some water in a pot with a narrow mouth. Now place your face over the pot. Cover your head with a thick towel. Now inhale the steam. The cough that blocks the nasal passage will come out.

Steam will enter your nose and will cure inflammation that occurred inside the nose. But before placing your face over steam take care so that the steam does not burn your skin. Take that much hot water which you can tolerate with your skin. Apply thick cream or coconut oil on your facial skin to protect it from steam. You may add pinch of camphor in the pot water. Camphor has a pungent smell and it will help to clear nasal congestion very quickly.


Rub Mustard Oil

Rub mustard oil in the nasal hole. Mustard oil has a pungent smell. It helps to clear congestion very quickly. This process is very effective for everyone especially for the children who can not take steam for safety purpose.

Mustard Oil

Inhale The Fragrance Of Black Cumin Seeds

Take a table spoon of black cumin seed. Rub it in your palm and take the smell of it. Black cumin seed secretes pungent smell when it is rubbed and gets heated. You can do another thing. Cover those black cumin seed in a soft cloth. Rub the cloth and smell it. Within few minutes you will get a congestion free nose.

Black Cumin Seeds

Hot Drinks

Drinking hot drinks is very effective to make your nose congestion free. Drink different types of tea to cure your nasal congestion. Ginger tea is good for congestion. Soak some tea leaves and crushed ginger in boiling water. Keep the lid on so that the scent of ginger and tea leaves will be mixed in the water. Add milk and sugar to taste. Drink it hot. It really works. Drinking hot milk also helps to clear nasal congestion.

Take a cup of hot milk. Mix teaspoon butter in it. While drinking the milk, sprinkle black pepper powder in it. It is very effective to clear your nasal congestion. Drinking hot chicken onion garlic soup also helps to clear congestion. Take some chicken pieces in a container. Pour some water in it. Add minced garlic and juliennes of onion in the soup. add salt. Boil whole thing in low flame for 2-3 hours. Drink the hot soup. Do not forget to sprinkle black pepper powder in it while serving the soup. Garlic, pepper and onion are very effective decongestant.Do not get worried about your nasal congestion. Follow these methods and you will soon get relief without any side effects.

Hot Drinks