Fruits And Fruit Juices In Naturopathy

Fruits are an important part of our daily diet. They are rich in essential vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber necessary for a healthy body. The medicinal properties of fruits such as papaya, mangoes, pineapple, grapes and oranges are made use in natural treatment for treating several diseases.
Papaya, a rich source of vitamin A and C, is helpful to treat indigestion even in diabetes patients.

Diabetes patients should consume papaya to overcome digestive problems. Raw papaya is used as a natural contraceptive. It is consumed continuously for two weeks to regulate the menstrual cycle. The seeds of papaya are used as an excellent medicine to destroy intestinal parasites. Tender papaya leaves can be used both as a vegetable and as a medicine to get rid of pain. Ripe papaya is used in skin care also.

Mango, rich in vitamin A, possesses the property of regularizing body metabolism. Ripe mangoes can help you to get rid of night blindness, a disorder due to vitamin A deficiency. Mango juice served along with goat milk and honey can prevent loss of memory and is also helpful in skincare. ½ cup each of mango juice and carrot juice taken regularly is helpful to dissolve kidney stones easily. Raw mango steamed with tamarind leaves is a good remedy for jaundice.

Pineapple helps in good digestion. It is an excellent remedy for indigestion. This fruit is useful in treating kidney problems. Pineapple is rich in dietary fiber. This fruit is an excellent detoxifier and it also provides resistance power to the body to fight even cancer. It is also used in treating cough in young children.

Both fresh and dried grapes are effective in treating jaundice. Regular intake of grape juice helps to reduce asthma. It also reduces headache, migraine and chest pain due to angina. Grapes also help to regulate menstrual disorders. It is also used for treating indigestion and constipation.

Oranges increases resistance power of our body to fight against diseases. The powdered dried skin of oranges mixed with honey is a good medicine to treat intestinal parasites. Orange juice is also beneficial in dental care and in treating common cold. One cup orange juice mixed with quarter cup olive oil helps to control lung diseases. It also helps to reduce bloating and other problems due to overconsumption of salt.

We should replace unhealthy food items with fruits and fruit juices for good health.