Benefits Of Garlic For Asthma

Benefits Of Garlic For Asthma

The anti inflammatory and anti viral property of garlic makes it a perfect remedy for asthma. Garlic is used in different forms to treat several ailments and it helps to relieve symptoms like coughs, common colds and chest congestion.

You can infuse garlic in milk to treat asthma congestion. Peel 10 to 12 cloves of garlic and boil it in half a cup of milk. When the milk boils strain it to eliminate the cloves and let it cool to room temperature. This will help to relieve congestion and get rid of mucus that causes irritation. It also helps to prevent asthma attacks.

Benefits Of Garlic For Asthma

Blending garlic and ginger in tea will help to prevent sinus and asthma attacks. Brew a cup of tea with ginger. Peel and mash a few garlic pods and then add this to the boiled tea. You can sip on this herb infused tea all day. If you have a sore throat or chest congestion then you will feel immediate relief.

Garlic For Chest Congestion

Garlic can be used with other herbs to help to treat asthma and prevent attacks. Add 3 pods of garlic, a cinnamon stick, lime, a shallot, honey and thyme leaves to a pot of water. Boil these herbs together for 30 to 35 minutes; the water needs to reduce by half. Strain the herbs and then let the herb infused tea cool down.

Garlic For Asthma Attacks

You may add honey to sweeten the tea as it may have a strong pungent taste. Have a few spoons of the tea every hour. It will help to prevent inflammation of the throat and also helps to prevent asthma attacks.

Garlic For Wheezing

Grind garlic to a paste and mix honey in it. You can make a huge batch of this and store it in the refrigerator. Have a spoon of the paste 3 to 4 times a day. It will help to prevent chest colds, congestion, coughs and wheezing caused by asthma. This remedy can be used in winter as the chances of asthma attacks are higher during this season.

Benefits Of Garlic