Garlic as a Natural Antibiotic

Garlic is used regularly in our food and we use it more for the flavor than anything else. But we seldom sit back and think if there is anything more to garlic than just flavoring meats and bread? And there is a lot. Garlic has many therapeutic properties that can benefit a person. It can alleviate joint pains, lower cholesterol level and cure a variety of bacterial infections.Over the years, garlic has been considered one of the best natural antibiotics. The antibacterial properties of garlic have been the subject of research for quite some time and it is still going on. It has been long proved that under laboratory conditions, it has the ability to kill bacteria. Modern studies have confirmed it and also shown that not only bacteria, but garlic can be effective against viruses and fungi too. Compared to commercial antibiotics, garlic has been found to be more potent as a broad spectrum antibiotic.

Garlic scores over the commercial antibiotics in a very important area and that is in the area of the body growing resistance to a drug. While this is a common problem for most of the antibiotics, garlic stays clear of it. That is why it was used over and over again to treat the same infections in the earlier ages.

But the benefits of such properties will only be available when garlic is taken raw and crushed. It releases Allicin, the chemical behind the antibiotic properties of garlic. If you really want to harvest the benefits, try to take it raw. It has been found that if you cook the garlic then it does not lose any other properties except its antibiotic properties.

To use garlic as an antibiotic it is to be taken internally and if viable, it can be used directly on the infected area. To take it internally one can infuse it in wine, in vinegar or in honey. The last concoction is great as an antibiotic cough syrup.

Garlic taken with carrot juice is also very effective as antibiotic syrup. For external application do not use the garlic juice or paste raw on the skin as it can cause burns. Always dilute it with water and use as a wash.

Apart from fighting infections, garlic, if taken regularly, can actually prevent the infections from occurring as it boosts the immunity system of the body.