Garlic benefits for cancer control

The most popularly known garlic benefits are its budding role in cancer as well as heart diseases. Garlic is effectively used for the prevention and the treating of cancer. A host of studies have proved that garlic and its organic components are successful inhibitors and prevent the development of cancer.  Allyl sulphur and other active ingredients of garlic are known to prevent the formation of cancer. Garlic has been found to be strong in the particular prevention of the stomach as well as prostrate cancers.  A study conducted in China revealed that the smokers who consume garlic in high levels have a comparatively lower risk of cancer than the smokers who consume garlic in a much lower level.

Garlic has excellent therapeutic properties. It has a compound Diallyl sulphide (DAS) that has cancer preventing properties. This compound is particularly effective in the prevention of skin and liver cancer. However, the quantity of garlic that needs to be consumed daily is still a difficult issue as the concentration of DAS varies in a different variety of garlic and also the requirement of different individuals will also vary as per his needs.

Again a huge scale women’s health study conducted on over 41,000 middle aged women have again proved that the individuals who consumed garlic on a regular basis have 35% less risk of developing colon cancer. Allyl sulphur compound is widely thought to be the chief cause of the prevention or slowing down the growth rate of the cancer tumor cells. This compound is naturally present in the onion and the garlic. They make the cells susceptible to the stress produced by the products of cell division.

Since, the cancer cells divide extremely rapidly; they create more stressors than the majority of the normal cells. Hence, the cancer cells are more prone to damage by the existence of allyl sulphur compounds than the normal cells. In order to maximize the health benefits, the individuals are requested to wait for 15 minutes in between the peeling and the cooking of the garlic.

Therefore, it is evident that garlic benefits do have a vital role to play to keep control of cancer.