Genital Herpes – overview of facts and treatment

Genital Herpes is a disease that affects the sexual organ, buttocks or anus area, originated by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). Though HSV type 2 is considered as the major culprit for genital virus infection, it has been found that HSV-1 has been known to be the main cause of the genital herpes when people start having sex at the early age.It is a transmittable viral infection that first and foremost affects the sexual organs of guys and ladies. Though it is not precarious, it is bothersome and can be psychologically upsetting, as there is no healing remedy of the disease.

Cold sores or HSV-1 can be a reason for genital herpes. HSV-1 usually creates latency in the trigeminal swelling, a group of nerves that originate near the ear. A person having a cold sore can cause genital herpes with oral sex. In the case with HSV-1, persistent outbursts generally occur in the region of the mouth.

HSV-2 normally launches latency within the sacrial ganglion area which is a compilation of nerves down the spine. The general frequent eruption of HSV-2 is initiated in the genital region.

Treating Genital Herpes

The aim of curing genital herpes is to offer respite from the uneasiness of the herpes aching and to lessen the time it takes for the herpes to heal. The sooner the treatment starts just after the outbreak, the better it is for the early recovery. This is particularly vital for the eruption that repeats again and again.

Anti-virus medicines help a lot in providing some relief and early curative for most people from the crucial outbreak of genital herpes.

Some non-prescription drugs assist a lot in diminishing the feelings of hurt and fever from genital herpes.

Sponging the area with lukewarm water or warm baths for at least three to four times a day helps a lot in remaining fresh and clean. One requires keeping the sores dried up and clean in between the baths. Hair dryer would be more calming than the towels in drying the sores. It is vital that one must wear loose, comfortable and soft underpants so as to absorb the moisture better and help in early healing of the sores.

Genital Herpes is an unrelieved, lifetime viral infection and this infection does not cure totally as it is a recurrent infection. The symptoms might disappear for sometime, but they do come back from time to time.