Genital Herpes Treatment- Natural Cures Are Best

Genital herpes is a common disorder, which appears at the genital area. It happens in human body by the transmission of HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus) during sexual activities. It is type 1 or type 2 virus of DNA. The virus can be contracted from others very easily.

Near about ninety percent of the sufferers are not aware of having the disease and as a result, they have to face various intricate problems afterwards. If you are getting the symptoms of genital herpes then you should look out for effective treatments to heal the problem as fast as possible.

Natural treatment for genital herpes:

You should wash the herpes affected area with warm water for three or four times everyday. After washing the area dry it with a swab of cotton. It helps to draw out the toxic fluids in a fast way.

Make a tea of tannin acid and put this tea into a wet tea bag. Apply the bag on the sore area as it provides easy relief. After using the bag discard it. If your pain becomes intolerable then take an ice bag or wrap some ice in a towel and apply this over the herpes affected area.

Take three tsp of chopped lemon leaves in a cup of boiled water and rub this mixture over the sore area. You can also try rubbing the oil extract of tea tree as it is very helpful to get rid of herpes.

Mix one tsp of tarragon into a cup of hot water and drink it as a tea for three times in a day. You can also drink a cup of lemon tea twice a day to get a better result. Another method of natural treatment is to consume the cantharis as it helps to soothe out the blisters. It is also helpful to reduce the feeling of burning sensation, which is caused due to genital herpes.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables to build-up your immune system. Also consume the wheat products, eggs, skimmed milk, soybeans, green vegetables and lots of water. For the treatment of HSV virus, gypsy mushrooms and Siberian ginseng are very useful natural remedies.

Always try to wear cotton and loose fitting clothes when you are facing this hazard. Do not touch and scratch the sore area. Keep it in your mind that you should to stay away from sexual activities.