Gentle Massages During Pregnancy

While in most cultures the woman is given a massage daily post labor, it is extremely important that the woman is also given gentle massages during the term of her pregnancy. A gentle massage helps to reduce stress and anxiety and reduces the tension in your muscles. Your partner can give you a gentle massage at night to help him to understand the changes that your body is going through. You must make sure however not to apply to much pressure on your lower back and the tummy area.

Using aromatherapy oils at this time is a good idea as they are known to have soothing properties. From the second trimester onwards it is impossible to lie flat on your back soothe best bet is to lie on your side when you are getting a massage.

A back massage should include your partner running his hands gently from your neck to your lower back and stroking it gently. Do this about 20 to 25 times.

Use your fingers as if you were kneading dough. Follow this action from your neck to your shoulder. Do each shoulder individually and follow about 5 to 6 times.

At all times when you massage the person, you must maintain contact with the skin it order to generate heat along with the oils.

The spine tends to cause a lot of pain as the weight of the abdomen falls on it. As you move further in your pregnancy; you tend to walk in a way where you put all your weight on your back and thus your spine bears the brunt. To massage the spine; you must move your fingers from the outside and move inwards to the spine. Stroke gently as you move inwards.

For a sore back, you must place on hand on the lower back and the other on the top and move them towards each other in a gentle stroke. In this way you cause heat and give an overall gentle soothing feeling to your back.