Gestational Diabetes Treatment With Natural Cures


Gestational Diabetes is a temporary condition, which is usually detected among women, in the second trimester. It is seen that about 4% of pregnant women are affected by this disease/condition.

Mainly, women who have never been affected by diabetes, but have a condition of high blood sugar, during pregnancy, catches on to the disease. It is one of the most concerning health problems in a pregnant woman. What causes this condition, the answer lies imperfect, but some factors, which may lead to the condition are obesity, already having one of these cases in previous pregnancies, an age of more than 30, an earlier baby delivered and weighed more than 9 pounds and also having a family history of having the condition (or diabetes).

Panicking can only make things worse. So don’t panic, if you’re having this condition; with a healthy diet and proper exercise, one may keep the glucose level intact. And also keep in mind that, a serious condition of the likes of this, should always be consulted with a doctor. Some ways to control the Gestational Diabetes are as follows:

Reduce the Sugar intake. Control the amount of sugar you are having in your diet. Also try and have a limited, calculated intake of carbohydrates. Our body is designed to turn carbohydrate into glucose.

Try not to get Overweight. During and before pregnancy, control your weight. With proper advice and, somebody by your side, go for a light jog (or walking) or go for swimming, but be sure to consult your doctor.

Control Blood Sugar Level. One may also try taking dosage of insulin. But if you want to keep it natural, go for foods rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

The regular intake of fruits and green vegetables in highly recommended. Some more natural cures are given below.

Remedy 1

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Onions are known to cut down the sugar level in our blood. But don’t even think of frying them or having them, somehow cooked; that will only increase your cholesterol and fat level. Try to include onion, non-fried, if you want it as a dish, with other ingredients; or better, have them made into a salad.

Remedy 2

Gourds, especially bitter gourds, have an account of treating diabetic patients. It helps improve the body’s capability in improving glucose tolerances, by the use of blood sugar.

Remedy 3

Garlic helps in regulating the glucose levels, and at the same time, also improving the blood circulation. You may take this dose by having it naturally (adding chopped or whole garlic cloves in cooking), or by taking garlic capsules (which are available at most medical outlets.)

Remedy 4

Make tea out of the mango leaves and drink it, to keep gestational diabetes in check. To make the tea you’ll have to boil the water and then add 4-5 leaves in it. Leave it for about 7-10 minutes, and then take it off the gas. Cool it a little, and drink.


Yet another drop of nature’s wonder treatment! Cinnamon, containing polyphenols, may serve in improving the insulin performance. Here’s an idea on how you can increase the cinnamon intake in your diet. Boil a bottle of water, and then add to it, cinnamon, about 3 tablespoons. Now let the drink cool down a little and then drink.

Remedy 5

The use of the herb Astragalus is also promising, in the treatment of the Gestational Diabetes. As the use of this herb may cause side-effects, it is advised only through a doctor’s consultation.

Remedy 6

Green tea has a good effect on the body’s blood sugar. It improves the action of insulin in our bodies. It can also prevent the blood sugar from reaching the peak.

Remedy 7

Fenugreek seeds can be prepared as a dish, or taken as tea. It also helps in reducing the insulin resistance.

Remedy 8

To bring the blood pressure to a steady level, take 1 teaspoon of honey and in that, mix one teaspoon of Fig seed powder.

Remedy 9

Take 4 quarts of water and put 1 quart of green pea pods. Cook until the pods are soft. Take out the pods and strain; drink the liquid 3 cups per day (preferably with meals.)

Remedy 10

The use of banana leaf can also be taken into attention. It helps in lowering blood sugar levels. It is recommended that you take about 16mg, 3 times a day. Some other natural other natural means of curing the Gestational Diabetes are the use of Indian gooseberry, Flaxseed oil, etc.
Some common natural, home routines to follow, to cure Gestational Diabetes are give next.


Always eat a well-balanced diet. It prevents you from a vast number of problems and acts as a cure itself. Avoid excess sweets, dairy product and carbs. Include in your diet, more of herbs, bitter fruits and fresh vegetables. Include in your diet high-fiber foods like green leafy vegetables. Drink an abundance of water. Water can cure, or at least aid in curing diabetes, like many other conditions it cures.


It is an absolute must that you keep your foot in good care. Exercise can help you reduce your diabetes about 20%-25% by exercising 30-40 minutes, 3-4 days a week. It is best to include aerobic exercises in the regime (jogging or fast walking). If possible and when consulted with your physician, do strength and/or stretching exercise. Patients are barred from walking bare foot, and are instructed to take notice of the smallest of the things happening there. If you see any abnormalities or cuts and bruises, inform your doctor immediately. Wear shoes in which you are comfortable in.

By following a simple array of physical routine and regular diet, one may be able to get rid of the Gestational Diabetes condition. Natural cures for the condition are all over and some are very popular, but conditions vary from individual to individual. So be absolutely sure of what you’re doing and always, before taking any new medicinal herb or routine, consult your doctor and check the state you’re in.