Get Benefited from Sandalwood Oil

Throughout the ages sandal has been regarded as a symbol of elegance. It reserved the place of dignity in many civilizations. It is not only offered to god as a holy item or used for luxury, it is also used on medicinal purpose from the very ancient times.

Nowadays sandal oil and sandal paste are used in medicine, skin and beauty treatments and in numerous products including mouth fresheners, edibles, incense sticks, room freshener, deodorants, perfumes, soaps, lotions, creams and others. Its medicinal properties are really remarkable.

Sandalwood oil is safe for both internal and external applications. It protects from internal wounds, ulcers and infections because of its antiseptic property. It protects the skin from pimples, boils, wounds and infection.

Sandal wood paste has a cooling effect that gives relief from all types of inflammation in any part of our body. It gives relief from infection, fever, side effects of antibiotics, etc. Sandalwood oil has anti phlogistic properties and gives relief from inflammation resulting from fever and viral infection.

Sandalwood oil relaxes nerves, muscles and blood vessels thus curing contraction and spasm. It cures aches, cramps and coughs effectively. You can use it inside your mouth also. Mix few drops of sandalwood oil in water and wash your mouth with it. It is a good mouth wash. Because of astringent property it helps to tighten your skin. It soothes skin and fades away any marks of scar, blemishes or wounds. You can use sandalwood oil in your face pack. You can also use sandalwood paste for this purpose directly.

Sandalwood oil also has carminative property, that is, it induces relaxation in the intestines and abdominal muscles. Thus it helps to release gas and prevents flatulence. It soothes inflammation in urinary system, induces relaxation and promotes easy passage of urine and also helps to prevent urinary tract infection.

Sandalwood oil has disinfectant property for which it was used in the past for sterilization. In royal family they used to burn sandal wood to sterilize their kitchen or to sterilize their temporary operation theater made at home (at that time child was born at home). It also helps to improve memory. It also can reduce blood pressure if it is taken either with milk or water.