Get Problem Free Hair With Homemade Hair Oil And Hair Care Tips


You want to flaunt shimmering tresses amongst your friend circle and hear all the compliments, but you are all the time worried how to tame those frizzy hairs or hide the grey hair. It is quite intriguing to handle those frizzy hairs when they are going all over your face or spoiling your whole look.  All you need to do is use these homemade hair care treatments and use them regularly along with proper hair care and within few weeks you will notice how shiny and glowing hair you have. Just learn to give a nice treatment to your hair and the nourishment will be given by these natural home prepared treatments. Homemade hair oils for various hair problems

Make Them Grow

It is not just healthy food but there has to be something extra which you need to do for your hair to make them grow faster. Take a quarter cup each of olive oil and kernel oil and mix with half a cup of almond oil. After mixing together apply this on the hair scalp with your finger tips. The massage has to be gentle and on clean and dried scalp and hair. After the massage leave the oil on the scalp for about half an hour and then wash it off with shampoo. This mixture of oils will not only clean the scalp but also help on boosting hair growth by giving nourishment to the roots of the hair.

To Tame The Frizz

It is very difficult to get all the hair of same length on your scalp, so you got to have those frizzes. But you can soothe them by using this mixture of one cup fresh rose petals, few henna leaves, neem leaves and half cup of pumpkin juice. Mix all of them in 500 ml of coconut oil which is preheated. Bring all of them to boil and mix them nicely. Let the mixture cool and then strain it and store it. Apply it at night before you plan to wash your head in the morning. If not possible then apply it at least few hours before shampooing. When shampooing use mild shampoo and wash thoroughly with cold water. Over the time you will see that the hair have become soft and the frizz are gone. If you will use it regularly the hair will start looking voluminous and the frizz will also be reduced.

To Prevent Greying Of Hair

This is a common problem these days, but you can avoid or prevent greying by boiling a bowl of water four tablespoon of dried sage. Let the water cool and stand still for around two hours .Then strain it and  to this cool water add four teaspoons of rum , few drops of vitamin E oil and one ounce glycerine. Mix all these ingredients nicely and then apply them at least half an hour before shampooing. Now wash your hair with mild shampoo and remember if you will use this mixture regularly the greying of hair will stop.

Enhance The Texture Of Hair

If you are looking for improving the texture of your hair then take equal amount of olive oil, coconut oil and castor oil and mix them together in a bowl. There is no need to boil this mixture, just warm it up before applying on the scalp and the hair. Take this luke warm oil and massage gently on the scalp with the finger tips only for half an hour before you go off to sleep at night. If you will repeat this for weeks you will see how your hairs have become smooth and silky. Along with the improvement in texture you will see that it has added volume also to your hair.

Enhance The Colour Of Your Hair

In order to enhance and improve the hair colour all you need is two cups of pure coconut oil and add some hibiscus leaves in the oil along with one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds and few drops of almond oil too. Boil all these ingredients together and then cool the oil and strain it. You can store this oil in a glass bottle and take out whenever you want to apply. Application of this hair oil two times in a week will enhance the hair colour.

Hair Care Tips For Shiny Hair

Shampoo your hair everyday. It is recommended by the dermatologists that the cleaner scalp you have the better hair growth you will see. Use herbal shampoo or nay mild water based shampoo which is devoid of harmful chemicals for daily hair wash. Do not tie your pony tail at the same place every day; this weakens the roots of the hair from that place. Even using the clips at one place on the head also affects the hair growth in that area.Never comb wet hair; it is a sin to comb wet hair. The reason being wet hair when combed falls very quickly because the hair roots become weak. Combing wet hair will enhance the problem of dandruff in your hair.Try to comb your hair as much as you can, the more you comb them the shinier they will become.

This does not mean that you will comb them when they are wet. The combing should be done very gently and smoothly with a wide toothed comb. You should massage your head regularly before washing to get nice beautiful mane. Use a nice hair spray which gives nutrition to your hair. Not all the hair sprays are bad for your hair. Choose a hair spray which does not have alcohol and polymers in it, because such hairspray will make your hair dry and frigid.Take special care of your hair during rainy season because due to humidity they tend to get dirty very quickly. Eat a balanced and nutritious diet full of tomatoes, plums, pears and anti oxidants to keep your hair healthy. Always condition your hair after washing them especially during monsoons. Avoid hair treatments like hair straightening etc., you can postpone your hair treatments after the monsoons. Thus following these homemade tips and hair care tips you can flaunt a smooth and shiny mane.

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