Get Rid Of Anxiety Attacks – Easy Tips

In general, anxiety attacks are found to occur due to one single problem or it can also be caused from multitude of things like medical conditions, financial problems, stress, medication, relationship problems, and bereavement and so on .Today, more and more people all over the globe are becoming a victim to anxiety attacks. Anxiety attack can be intense fever for a short term without any medical cause.

anxiety attacks

Heart palpitations, nausea, chocking sensation, breathing difficulty, chest pain, breaking out in sweat, feeling of fear and out of control, stomach cramps, headaches, hot flashes, chills, unsteadiness or shaky, swallowing difficulty and so on.

These attacks are sudden feelings of extreme terror, fear and discomfort. However anxiety attacks can be cured through a number of therapies and easy ways.

Tips To Get Rid Of Anxiety Attacks

Cognitive Therapy

This therapy is one of the most utilized types of psychological treatment that helps to treat anxiety disorders. Cognitive therapy deals with the thought process of the individuals and how to identify incorrect automatic responses and aids in correcting them.

Cognitive therapy works like miracles when the patient understands what is going on in his body as well as in his mind.


Behavior Therapy

This therapy is used along with cognitive therapy in order to boost the effectiveness of behavior therapy. The therapy also helps the patient by including varieties of exercises like stress relief, breathing exercises as well as relaxation techniques. The therapy helps to bring peace to the mind of the anxious thinkers and also aids the patients to get rid of their worries.



Lavender has been found to work miracles on the patients who are suffering from anxiety attacks. The individuals suffering from this attack are advised to carry a small bottle of lavender lotion or oil with them always.

The moment one start to feel worrisome and anxious, he is advised to dab a small amount of lavender onto a Kleenex and hold it on to the nose for a few seconds.


Fast Breathing Technique

Fast breathing technique is also a useful way of dealing with the problem. Breathe in for four seconds, hold for two and again breathe out for four seconds.

fast breathing