Get rid of kidney stones with natural cures

A kidney stone is a solid accumulation that expands from the crystals, which detach from the urine within the urinary tract. In general, the urine contains chemicals that check the crystals from shaping up.However, these chemicals cannot prevent all inhibitors from working; as a result, the stone in the kidney is formed.  The most general type of kidney stone includes calcium combined with oxylate or phosphate. The less familiar type of kidney stone is due by infection stone, which develops from infection in the urinary tract.

Uric acid stones, another type of stone is a bit less common while the cystine stones are completely rare. Kidney stones can be cured naturally in different ways:

Natural cures for kidney stone:

Water: Intake of plenty of water daily helps in keeping the kidney stones in control. This is one of the efficient ways to deal with kidney stones.

Fruits: Fruit juice helps in effectively dealing with the stone problem in kidney. Coconut water helps in passing off tiny kidney stones through the urine. Besides, intake of coconut water helps in keeping the body cool and also in reducing the toxic substance found inside the body.

Apples, watermelon and figs are highly valuable for kidney stones. One suffering from kidney stone must intake at least 2-3 apples daily. In the same way, raw watermelon or watermelon extracts are good for the physical condition of the body. 2-3 figs are to be boiled in water. The extracts of these figs, if consumed in an empty stomach for 1-2 months can cure the kidney from the stones. Parsley and strawberries needs to be avoided.

Vegetables: Green leafy vegetables are a must in the diet for the ones suffering from kidney stones. Radish and lady fingers are helpful in treating the people with kidney stones. One must consume three radish extracts daily.

As regards lady fingers, one needs to cut four lady fingers into small portions and soak them in water overnight. In the morning, lady fingers small portions need to be pressed and the extracts taken out. Then the mixture has to be strained and consumed thrice daily. Carrots, cauliflower and peas are to be avoided for the ones suffering from kidney stone problems.

Pomegranate: Pomegranate is a common natural remedy for treating kidney problems. The juice of pomegranate is helpful in dealing with this problem. The seeds need to be grinded to form a fine paste. One must cook horse gram in water and mix 2 tablespoon of this paste. This mixture needs to be consumed at least thrice daily.