Get Rid of Tired and Puffy Eyes

A long night out on town, a late night at the office, long hours at home completing the chores can leave you looking like a wreck. Your eyes are the first give away of your physical state and your energy levels. There are a few remedies that you can try along with your cosmetics to help you to get rid of the puffiness under your eye and the dark circles that give you raccoon eyes.

Caffeine needs to be applied locally to your eyes. Place moist black tea bags on your eyes and keep them there for a few minutes. This will help to tighten the skin in that area. You can also choose to use cosmetic products that contain caffeine in it.

If you wake up with your eyes bulging or swollen then you can place cold metal spoons on your eyes or a bag of frozen vegetables before you apply your make up. This helps to reduce the swelling on your peepers and cools your eyes to help you camouflage the redness or dark circles.

Always maintain your hydration levels. Drinking plenty of water during the day will help to keep your eyes in great shape. You must also drink plenty of orange juice and fruit juices to help to maintain your hydration levels.

On days when you are showing signs of long nights by measure of your eyes, you must watch the amount of sodium you ingest. Avoid salty foods as they increase the swelling in your body. Do not over do the sugar either as refined and natural sugars lead to adding fats to your body.

Massage your eyes lightly with your finger tips. Doing this will help you to flush out all the excess fluid build up from under your eyes. Use an under eye firming gel or cream to help to increase the blood circulation in the area.