Gout Diet Foods To Eat

Gout is a painful condition where the individual suffering from it faces the accumulation of the crystals of uric acid around the joints. Some individuals refer gout as the most painful kind of arthritis. Gout is caused from inherited disorder of uric acid metabolism.

Lifestyle, obesity or excess weight, heredity, ailments, medications, age, excess consumption of alcohol and sex are some of the risk factors that cause the growth and development of Gout. The young adults and children are rarely affected by gout. The men tend to develop this disease more than the women due to their excess consumption of alcohol. However gout can be controlled with the help of diet.

The individual suffering from gout needs a correct diet that would prevent the ailment from seriously damaging the health. Foods that are low in purine are extremely beneficial for the treating of the ailment. Fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, pasta, rice and cereals are extremely beneficial as gout diet. Besides this, dairy product that have low fat in them like yoghurt, milk, low fat cheese are good for the persons suffering from the chronic ailment.

Again, food that has high quantity of vitamin C like potatoes, fruits, red cabbage and red bell peppers, foods with rich quantity of essential fatty acids like nuts, flax-seeds, seeds and tuna etc, vegetables like kale, celery, parsley, cabbage, other green leafy vegetables and fruits like strawberries, red berries, cherries, grapes, blue berries in particular are extremely helpful in dealing with gout symptoms. Intake loads of water as well. However food like white flour and soya, vegetables like cauliflower, spinach, asparagus and mushrooms needs to be avoided.

Here are some of foods that need to be avoided categorically. The individuals who are suffering from gout should totally stay away from sugar and the foods that are high on sugar. Sugar makes the inflammation of gout worse and the problem worsens thereby. Instead the sufferer must switch over to natural sugars like fruits. Beef, red meat, duck and goose (poultry), fishes like herring, mackerel, sardines, anchovies, gravy like consommé and broth, dried legumes like lentils, peas and beans, yeast and shellfish should be avoided.

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