Green Herbal Tea That Enhances Beauty

Green tea is a rich source of anti oxidants. The tea is well known for its curative powers as well as its powers to prevent diseases. Drinking green tea is known to prevent and cure common colds, heart diseases as well as controls cholesterol count.

An added benefit of green tea is that you do not need to consume it to benefit from it; it can be used topically and you get the same benefits from it.

Using a green tea mask will help you to clean your face and deep clean your pores. You need not buy a mask that is commercially available; you can make one at home. Brew green tea with a spoon of white tea and add honey to this brew. Boil it till it forms a thick paste. When it cools apply it to your face. Leave the mask on your face till it dries and then wash it with cold water. Pat your face dry. Your skin will feel refreshed as the anti oxidants in the green tea will get rid of the sun damage on your skin.

Moisturizers with green tea are also very beneficial to your skin. Many cosmetic companies are manufacturing green tea moisturizers; these moisturizers are thick and beneficial to your skin. Use the moisturizer on your skin daily in order to prevent any damage to your skin. The moisturizers also prevent premature aging, sun spots and fill out fine lines and wrinkles.

Green tea lips balms are also extremely beneficial. Since the skin on your lips are very delicate the green tea helps to prevent damage to the skin and prevents the lips from getting dry and peeling. Before you apply the lip balm you need to exfoliate your lips so that you are able to get rid of the dead skin. Dip a wash cloth in warm water and apply it on your lips; massage the lips in circular movements in order to get rid of the dry and dead skin. You can also do this when you take a shower. After you get rid of the dead skin from your lips apply the green tea based lip balm; it will soothe your lips and soften them.