Green Tea Herbal Remedies as a Beauty Aid

Though green tea is most popular for its anti oxidant content and powers to cure and prevent most common ailments it is also used in a variety of skin care products and cosmetics. This is due to the rejuvenating powers of the tea. You need not only depend on drinking the tea you can also use it in your daily skin care regime.

A green tea mask is the perfect solution to redness and inflammation that you suffer from during summer or as a result of an acne breakout. It cleans the pores and soothes the skin thereby reducing signs of aging. It also gives the skin a boost of anti oxidants and thereby giving your skin a youthful glow.

You can also get all the goodness of green tea in the form of a moisturizer. You can use this in the winter months in order to soften dry skin or use it to fight wrinkles. Apply green tea lotion on your hands and legs and focus on knees and elbows. You must use the moisturizer immediately after a bath. When you do this the skin absorbs all the moisturizer and this ensures that the skin gets all the benefits of the cream.

Green tea is also effective as a lip balm. It helps to smoothen the skin on the area and also softens the lips. The skin on the lips is thin and so it dries out completely. A green tea infused lip balm moisturizes the lips and smoothens lines and protects the lips from cold and wind. Before you apply green tea infused lip balm you must exfoliate your lips.

When you bathe you must use a wash cloth and rub in circular movements. This will get rid of all the dead skin on the lips and also prepares the lips to get smooth. After you have exfoliated your lips you can apply a layer of the balm. Make sure that you use it at night so that you lips benefit from the balm. You will have soft smooth lips in the morning.