Hair growth with aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a natural way of promoting the health and growth of the hair. Some essential oils arouse the follicles of the hair and assist in encouraging the healthy growth of the hair. One needs to add 2-3 drops of these essential oils with the vegetable oil, rub, and massage them in the scalp. Then the hair has to be tied in a plastic wrap and a warm towel has to be put over it and kept for around four hours. After that, the person has to shampoo the hair with a mild shampoo that does not disturb the balance of sebum in the scalp. This is an effective aromatherapy for hair health and growth. There are a number of essential oils that are beneficial for hair growth:

Basil: Basil is a valuable herb that stimulates and promotes the growth of the hair. Basil hair oil when massaged in the scalp promotes healing, health and improves the circulation in the scalp that in turn helps in promoting the growth of the hair. Basil is more helpful when used with fenugreek and ivy burdock herbs.

Jojoba oil: Jojoba oil has healing properties, which help in curing the damaged and breaking hair. This oil is also known to be a scalp cleanser and help in alleviating sebum if applied topically. This sebum might have blocked the follicles of the hair from growing normally thereby disturbing the normal hair growth. This oil is truly one of the best carrier oils for hair loss due to breakage.

Rosemary: Rosemary is an essential oil that helps in combating the hair fall, kindling the growth of new hair, reinforcing the root of the hair, supporting hair follicles, eradicating hair dandruff and has the ability of clean the hair and the scalp from the impurities. Home-made rosemary vinegar along with rosemary oil can be applied to the roots of the hair in order to stop the fall of the hair. Both the fresh and dry rosemary herb has beneficial effects on the hair.

Lavender: Lavender essential oil is used for treating various hair conditions like alopecia (hair loss). This oil is also used to promote the growth of the hair.

In a recent study, it was found that the people who had been suffering from alopecia and massaged lavender oil along with some other essential oils for six to seven months continuously, experienced significant re-growth of hair. Hence, lavender oil along with other essential oil has beneficial effect on the hair.