Hair Loss Problem In Men

Losing hair affects a person emotionally and can cause self-worth issue and can make a person feel bad. Hair loss can be due to many reasons, thyroid, cancer and side effects of drugs can be responsible for this.

When sensitivity to sex hormones like androgens increases in some parts of scalp, hair loss can occur. Toxic substances, heredity factors, infectious diseases, ageing, nervous disorders and injuries are basically responsible for hair loss. Early hair loss is because of stress, endocrine disorder and nutritional deficiency. In modern days reasons for hair loss are many like water pollution, air pollution, dandruff, use of chemicals and shampoos. Other reasons that activate hair fall are radiation, poor circulation, chemotherapy, severe illness, high stress and iron deficiency.

Excess intake of vitamin A and anti-coagulant pills also cause hair loss. Normal hair shed is a part of cycle. Hair loss can occur in patchy and localized or it can affect whole scalp. Clean-shaven scalp is considered as attractive and fashionable now.  It is not like earlier that was related to something undesirable or unfortunate.

The excess hormone like androgens shrinks hair follicles from where hair grows.  Ultimately, it becomes very small that it can not put back lost hairs. Though the follicles are alive but are unable to perform their function. Hair loss occurs generally occurs in typical pattern. Firstly a thin hair line develops, and then top head hairs also start getting thin.

U-shape is formed by meeting both the balding areas. Surgical treatment for this pattern baldness is hair transplantation. A part of scalp having hair is removed and graft onto the area not having hair. Approximate four sessions are required for hair transplant method. It depends on amount of hair-loss. A person suffering from hair loss problem should have diet consists of whole foods, mainly the surface skin of vegetables like cucumbers, potatoes, green peppers, and sprouts. These can strengthen hair as consists of mineral silica.