Handy Tips For Colon Cleansing


Colon Cleansing

It is important to cleanse your stomach regularly. This can be done by cleansing your colon atleast once a month. Though most people ignore cleansing it must be done to prevent stomach ailments. Cleansing your colon is simple and can be done at home with ease. There are several home methods for cleansing your colon and you need to evaluate the best methods for you depending on the cost and time.

You need to start with a warm bath and add 3 to 4 spoons of ginger root to the water. This helps to cleanse the body externally and gets rid of the toxins that may be stuck in the pores of the skin.

Psyllium husk

Psyllium husk is considered to be one of the best remedies for colon cleansing. Boil the husk with the water and drink a glass of the water. You may experience bloating for a few minutes after you drink the water; but it is an effective remedy as the husk scrapes the unwanted products from your internal system and this helps to boost the digestive system as well as enhances the absorption of nutrients from the food.


A massage is also effective in colon cleansing. The pressure that you apply to the stomach helps to eliminate waste from your body by means of excreta. Make sure that you get a massage from a certified professional to ensure that you do not have any complications. While you are at it; you may opt for a complete body massage so that you can get a full experience and benefit from the therapy.

Lemon Water

One of the most effective ways to get a colon cleansing is to start the morning with a glass of warm water and lemon juice. This is sure to help you to get your bowels moving and it will work like a charm every day.


Some of the things that you need to remember when you are attempting to cleanse your colon are that you must avoid drinking any caffeine drinks during this phase. The caffeine will work against any method of cleansing that you opt for. You must also make sure that you get regular exercise so that you are able to process and digest all the food that you consume. Fasting for one day every month is also a great way to cleanse your colon.