Harmful effects of overeating

Overeating refers to long-term consumption of excess food in relation to the energy that an organism expends, leading to the gaining of the weight and thereby obesity. Overeating makes the brain go haywire, prompting a flow of damages leading to a large number of diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, cancer and many more.Obesity: Over eating is largely responsible for the heavy accumulation of fat in the body, to a degree that is rapidly increasing the risk of a number of diseases that can damage the health and can decrease the longevity of life. Obesity can cause difficulty in breathing, walking and running, increased sweating, pain in neck and back, gall stones, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc.

Diabetes: Diabetes is largely the main cause of over eating. With the diagnosis of diabetes, food, which is one of the most enjoyable aspects of life, takes a new meaning. Intake of food needs to be controlled at this time else it can lead to further complications in the health of a person.

Heart diseases: Over eating can cause direct impact on the family as it may lead to a number of cardio-vascular ailments which if not properly taken care of can even cause immature death to a person. Coronary artery disease is the root cause behind a number of heart problems, heart attacks, heart failures and irregular heart beats.

Strokes: Strokes are the main cause of death in most part of the world. Over eating leading to excessive weight is one of the major causes of strokes throughout the world. Depending on the place in the brain the stroke occurs, it can affect memory, movement and even speech. With the occurrence of stroke, the brain cells die and the damage of the brain starts immediately.

Clogs disposal system: Overeating can also lead to chronic constipation, which can clog the disposal system. Before this system can become a serious menace to the system, clogging of small channels in the body goes on from within because of the excessive intake of food which taxes the organism beyond its limits to absorb, assimilate, liquidify and carry away.

There are a large number of diseases caused due to over eating. Hence over eating is to be stopped immediately to live a healthy, peaceful, happy and a long life.

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