Have A Natural Energy Booster Today

All of us have the tendency to feel sluggish and run down at times. We all have a tendency to go in for an energy drink and feel real peeped up after it. But this does not last long. It could also drain our energy in the long run. However there are many natural energy boosters and it would be better from today to take one of those foods.

A good natural energy booster would be to take leafy green vegetables with red pepper, onion and beans. If you are bored of those simple munch salads you could have them in the form of lettuce cups  or chicken Fujita lettuce cups that not only look attractive but appetizing too. These low glycemic index foods are far more longer energy boosters than  those high glycemic index foods like refined pasta, soda and candy which give you a quick boost of energy, but leave you tired more soon. Low  glycemic index foods release energy slowly and gradually give you energy.

Fiber, is the next natural energy booster that gives you long term energy. They consist of fruits like raspberry, acai berry and vegetables like banana stem and whole-grains that take longer to digest and give slow release of energy for a long time. Oatmeal with raspberries would be a good high fiber energy booster diet and take it today to boost your energy.

Omega-3 fatty acids foods like Salmon, halibut, boiled cauliflower, baked squash, flax seeds should form an essential part of our daily diet as they provide energy to your super-vital organs, heart, muscles, etc., and  keep us fit and energized. Try to take  peanut butter which is enhanced with flax-seeds.  However do not over exceed eating it as peanut butter has a lot of fats in it too.

Vitamin B, the next of the natural energy booster foods that can be taken today helps to support the cells and enzymes that break down your food. Have your instant natural energy booster in the form of Whole grains, low-fat yogurt, tuna and bananas. To get that one minute energy boost take a scoop of your favorite low-fat yogurt with banana slices and sprinkle a bit of Zoe’s granola cereal on it. Start doing it from today when ever you need that boost of energy.

Anyone taking these natural energy boosters are sure to get instant and long lasting energy today and always.