Having sleeping problems?

Are you sleeping well

You come home exhausted. All you want to do is rest, eat and jump into bed for a good night’s sleep. A few hours of sleep and after that you are wide-awake wondering what you are doing in the middle of the night? This pattern repeats almost daily. Nightmare? Physical discomfort? You got it all wrong. Its insomnia – a sleeping disorder that troubles most men.

So, what do you do about it? Firstly, see the basics. Is the mattress comfy? Are the pillows too hard? When all these appendages are fine, then the cause needs to be traced elsewhere.

Stress is said to be a major factor in preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep. Our nerves need to be relaxed to sleep instead of being overburdened with stress and strain. Physical exhaustion could push you to sleep. What after that? If your mind is filled with tension and worry, sleep will naturally elude you. Uncontrollable situations like jet lag, injury or even bereavement can cause insomnia.

·The quick fix to easy and continuous sleep is to relax the mind about 15 minutes before bedtime. This can be done by praying, sitting quietly or even practising normal breathing patterns.
·Another method is to take a few minutes off your work during the day and take a short nap between 2-4pm. Any other time will only disturb your sleep schedule.
·A warm bath or even a massage helps.
·Listening to soft soothing music is an effective remedy for continuous sleep.
·Herbal tea or a glass of warm milk 20 minutes before bedtime relaxes the nervous system.
·Last but not the least, avoid caffeine, alcohol and tobacco as scientific studies have revealed that they act as deterrents to relaxed sleep.

Finally, if none of the above methods work, consult a doctor. Maybe, you need some prescribed drugs for a temporary period. So, if you want your usual normal quota of uninterrupted sleep, eat nutritious food, avoid late nights and keep stress away. Do this and find yourself sleeping like a baby!