HCG Weight Loss: Advantages and Disadvantages


HCG Weight Loss Weight loss is perhaps the most important health concern these days especially because of the change in lifestyle and dietary habits. Most of us don’t realize the potential risks of unhealthy weight gain until we are confronted by the tipping scales, difficulty to fit into old clothes and of course serious health hazards like high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc.

It is little wonder then that weight loss techniques is among the most searched for topic on the internet. And people are willing to try both modern and traditional approaches for losing weight as long as they have proven to be beneficial.

One such modern method of losing weight quickly is the HCG weight loss diet. HCG is human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone that is found in traces in the urine of women who are pregnant. While the HCG diet works great wonders in helping you lose weight without starving or without exercising, there are a few things that you must know about this diet before embarking upon it.

How Does The HCG Weight Loss Work?

According to the promoters of the hCG diet, the hormone is effective in clamping down on hunger pangs and encouraging the body to use the stored body fat for providing energy to go about your daily activities.As a result, most people are able to suppress their hunger and bring down their calorie consumption to about 500 calories per day.

People on the hCG weight loss diet are also encouraged to eat organic and unprocessed foods to derive maximum nutrition and to also keep the calorie consumption count in check.hCG is administered into the body through injections or by providing serum drops beneath the tongue.

However, some doctors are of the opinion that serum drops contain only traces of hCG hormone and therefore, may not work as efficiently as injections. This procedure of injecting hCG into the body is followed for a duration of 45 days and on completion of the program one would have lost considerable amount of weight.

Advantages Of The HCG Diet

The journey to weight loss is a difficult one especially if you are grossly overweight and most of us don’t mind quick-fix weight loss diets in an effort to lose appreciable amount of weight in a short time and hCG weight loss diet can help you with it.

The hCG weight loss diet jump starts your weight loss process and shedding pounds becomes easier and faster. Most people want to be able to see their weight loss results as soon as possible because this keeps them encouraged and the hCG drops help give you the much needed push by showing immediate effects. This keeps the people motivated to keep working towards their ideal weight goal.

Advantages Of The HCG Diet

What’s more, you needn’t take the injections if the needle makes you uncomfortable; you can always opt for the serum drops that also help with weight loss. The hCG drops are convenient for use because you don’t need anyone’s help to administer them and you don’t even have to take the trouble of injecting yourself

Despite its criticism, the hCG weight loss diet has proven to be effective in helping with dramatic weight loss. The diet is especially good for people who are morbidly obese or for those who cannot find the time for working out but don’t want to get into the starvation mode to lose weight.

The best part about the diet is that while losing weight your metabolism doesn’t get effected despite the low calorie intake. In fact, the hormone helps burn the fat by steadily increasing your metabolism.

Disadvantages Of HCG Diet

Like with all other ‘quick-fix’ diet, hCG too has come under considerable criticism from doctors and nutritionists alike. Those condemning the diet claim that it works not because of the hormone but because the calorie intake has been drastically reduced; a person eating 500 calories daily will lose substantial amount of weight even without hCG injections.

Besides, studies have shown that weight you lose on the hCG diet is not long term; you can easily re-gain the lost weight and more once you get off the drops and go back to unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits.

Disadvantages Of HCG Diet

The drops don’t work a miracle on their own; they need to be supported by a diet in which your daily consumption of calories shouldn’t cross the 500 mark. To lose weight rapidly and effectively you need to follow the diet strictly and religiously. The drops are taken 10 minutes before each meal and wait for 15 seconds to allow the drops to work.

Not all medical and nutrition experts are in favor of the hCG diet and therefore, the drops haven’t been recognized completely as an impressive weight loss diet. And since it has not been accepted by the medical community, the drops can be difficult to buy despite being sold online.

Health Hazards Of HCG Diet

As with other weight loss diets, hCG weight loss diet too comes with potential health risks since your body is not getting the recommended dose of nutrition that it requires to remain healthy. 500 calories is too less an amount for your body to receive its daily dose of carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, vitamins as well as fat.

Health Hazards Of HCG Diet

Medical experts believe that our body requires at least 1200-1500 calories every day to provide our body the much required energy for carrying on daily activities. This calorie intake also differs according to sex and age of a person. When we reduce our calorie intake, our body starts burning muscle mass along with stored fats to meet its fuel consumption for functioning. And if the weight loss is reversed your body is left with sagging skin as a result of muscle wastage.

The bottom line is that while hCG weight loss diet does show effects rapidly, the weight loss isn’t permanent and there can be serious side effects if continued long term. Hence, it is best to opt for gradual weight loss by controlling your calorie intake and by exercising regularly. This is an ideal way of losing weight and for keeping it off.


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