3 Healing Herbs For Eyes

3 Healing Herbs For Eyes

Herbs have been used for centuries to fight various physical ailments including eye problems. It has been used as a therapy for a number of medical conditions including the subject associated with the eyes. Starting from eye strain to combating of cataract and glaucoma, there are a number of natural herbs that can quickly restore to health the troubles of the eyes.


Bilberry For Eyes

Bilberry is a perennial ornamental shrub that is a strong antioxidant and helps in the good circulation in the small capillaries around the eyes and the skin preserving the blood supply to the eyes. The antioxidant properties of bilberry fend off free radical damage to the eyes by lowering blood pressure, reducing clotting and improving blood supply to the nervous system.

The presence of vitamin A helps in the sharpening of vision and vitamin C helps in the forming of collagen that is required for the growth and repair of tissue cells and blood vessels. Bilberry has been a remedy of poor vision and night blindness since ages.


This is a common sprawling plant that has an excellent reputation for aiding those dealing with eye problems including infections, conjunctivitis (pink eye) as well as weary, sore, swollen, irritated eyes. This herb also helps in the easing of itching and dryness that is commonly connected with pink eye.

Chickweed For Eyes

One has to boil two cups of water and add two teaspoons of chickweed in it. Then the mixture is to be removed from the heat and let it cool for 10 minutes. The mixture has to be strained and a cotton ball has to be dipped in the brew and placed in the affected eye for 10 minutes. This process needs to repeat until the infection is no more found in the eye.

Eye bright

Eye bright is a dainty plant that is found in North America, western and northern Asia and Europe. The vitamin C and flavonoid quercetin present in the plant have antioxidant properties that help in the maintaining of collagen in the eyes. This is useful for protecting the eyes from glaucoma. Eye bright infusions have to be consumed as tea or used as an eyewash or compress.

Eye Bright For Eyes

Besides this, turmeric is used for cataract prevention, golden seal (berberine) for curing trachoma infection and eye strain, witch hazel for combating inflammation of eyes, chamomile for curing puffy eyes and coleus for preventing glaucoma.

Healing Herbs For Eyes