Health And Beauty Benefits Of Honey

Cleopatra was a fan of milk and honey and she popularized it to the point that it is used till date in health and beauty remedies. While we drink plenty of water and watch the calories that we eat, we must add honey to our diet to get extra benefit from the wondrous product of nature.

Honey helps to relieve burning skin. Mix a spoon of honey with some fresh cream and massage it into your skin to get rid of a tan and to soothe the itching sensation caused by the skin burn.

It can be used as a remedy to improve your vision as well. Mix a spoon of honey in a glass of carrot juice and drink daily. The fiber in the carrot and the honey help to improve your vision.

Ginger and honey make a great pair when it comes to curing common ailments like cough and colds. Simply add honey to ginger powder or juice and consume it to get rid of any common ailments. It is not a quick cure but acts fast to relieve sore throats and pain.

For those suffering from high blood pressure you need not fear. Mix honey with garlic juice and have a spoon or two daily. It will help to regulate your pressure.

Asthma patients have several issues with breathing and getting involved in physical activities. To take care of this mix a jar of ginger juice, garlic juice and pepper powder with honey and let it mix for a few days. After that have a spoon of the mix once in the morning and one at night. You will experience ease in breathing and will be less likely to have an attack.

You can drink a glass of warm water with honey every morning to improve your bowel movements. It also helps to cure acidity and indigestion.

Honey is used as an ice cream topping, as a flavor in milk and in several other food preparations; however, you must not mix it with spicy foods or with alcohol. It is a natural product that has a poisonous effect if mixed with spices.