Health and Skin Benefits of Olive Oil

If you are cooking your food in olive oil, you are making one of the healthiest diet options. It is a monosaturated fat that is easier to absorb than any other oil. The best kind is extra virgin as it has several health benefits.

-First and foremost it is an extremely healthy option as helps to protect your heart from diseases by reducing your cholesterol levels.

-It has an extremely positive effect on your digestive system and it helps to avoid gall bladder diseases.

-It helps to regulate your metabolism and regulates it, thereby helping to control your weight.

-If you suffer from diabetes or are at risk of suffering from diabetes, then you must only eat food cooked in olive oil as it helps to control your blood sugar level.

-The monosaturated fats in the oil helps to produce anti inflammatory agents that helps to decrease your asthma and arthritis.

-The anti oxidants in the oil help to prevent cancer and fight cancer cells as well.

-Olive oil decreases acidity in the stomach and regulates digestion.

-It has cosmetic benefits as well as it increases the growth of new skin cells and prevents signs of aging.

Tips on how to benefit from olive oil

-Olive oil is rich in flavor hence you do not need to use large amount of it to cook. A few drops to sauté your food will be enough to add the extra flavor that you need.

-The oil is rich in omega 3 fatty oils, so fish preparations add a double benefit to your system. You need to use just a few drops of the oil in your preparation.

-Since it has cancer fighting abilities; it is best to eat food cooked in it regularly. You also can benefit from its cholesterol lowering properties.

-A body massage with olive oil will leave your skin with a natural healthy glow. Using it on your hands and face as a moisturizer will help to prevent premature aging with fine lines and wrinkles.