Health Benefits of Adding Olive Oil to Your Diet

Incorporating olive oil into your diet will help you to lead a healthier life. The oil offers health benefits ranging from lowering cholesterol and blood pressure to reducing the risk of cancer.

The oil is a powerful anti oxidant. It helps in reducing the possibility of heart related disorders. Because it works as an anti oxidant it helps to ward off cancer and other diseases. It also helps to slow down the aging process.

Diabetics are instructed to use olive oil in their diet as it helps to lower the blood glucose levels drastically. Research has proved that your glucose levels drop almost 45 to 50 %.

Those suffering from high blood pressure and hypertension must swap their existing oils with olive oil. This will help to lower your blood pressure even if you do not reduce the amount of fat in your diet.

People suffering from high cholesterol are advised to stay away from fatty foods and mono saturated fats as they are difficult to breakup and add to the bad fats in your body. Using olive oil instead of any others to cook helps you reduce the possibility of high cholesterol.

In the Mediterranean countries, people mainly consume olive oil and they have also shown greater resistance to cancer. Researchers have shown a definite correlation between the use of olive oil in the diet and the low number of cancer cases.

Using olive oil after getting a sun tan or after a day at the beach helps to lower your risk of skin cancer.

Olive oil also helps to fight arteriosclerosis. In this case the walls of the arteries harden and form a plague. Regular consumption of olive oil helps to prevent these walls from hardening as they are a rich source of mono saturated fats and anti oxidants.

The anti inflammatory properties in the oil helps to reduce the severity of arthritis and asthma.

How does olive oil work to benefit our health?

Olive oil has a low boiling point. This means that it cooks faster, thus we need to use lesser amounts of oil in our food and cooking preparations.