Health benefits of breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is the nourishing process of a newborn wherein the baby drinks milk directly from the female breasts. Since breast milk is the best milk for the babies, breastfeeding is vital for the health of the baby.Antibodies: Studies have proved that breast milk have antibodies, which protect the baby from various infections including urinary infection, respiratory illness, ear infection and gastroenteritis. In addition breast feeding decreases the danger of childhood diabetes, leukemia and allergic conditions (eczema and asthma).

Obesity in childhood: Recent studies have shown that breastfeeding can decrease the risk of obesity in childhood and adulthood of the baby. Furthermore, breastfed babies are well-organized at controlling their feedings, thereby maintaining a healthy eating pattern as they grow up.

Immune boosting: Immunes are boosted with the breast feeding of the baby as mother delivers innumerable white blood cells so as to help the infant fight off all kinds of diseases. When the mother is exposed to a germ, antibodies are made in her body to defend the germ. These antibodies are transferred to her infant via her breast milk.

Protein and fats: While breast feeding can lead the infant to intake of the huge amount of proteins including a high amount of amino acid taurine, which plays an important role in the development of brain and eyes, it can also lead to the intake of enzyme lipase, which can break down the fat which is the rich source of calories for babies.

Body temperature: Some babies have difficulties in maintaining the body temperature during the first few weeks of their delivery. Breast feeding, in addition to helping the infant maintain her body temperature also builds a strong emotion between the infant and the mother.

Weight loss: The reduction in the circumference of hip and weight loss was much more significantly proved with the breastfeeding mothers than the formula-feeding mothers. Women who tend to breast feed tend to return earlier to their pre-pregnant weight much faster than the mothers who believe in formula feeding.

Cancers: Research indicates that women who breastfeed their infant have lower rate of breast, uterine and ovarian cancers.