Health Benefits of Drinking Beer

As we go through the newspaper, we come across a number of health problem the globe is facing on a daily basis. The headlines of the paper mainly read the rising number of heart attacks, cancer and strokes that the individuals of the globe are facing with the passing of the days.

If drunk moderately, beer is a relaxing drink that provides relief from stress, well-known contributory element for varied diseases. Beer has modest quantities of vitamin B as well as some useful quantities of magnesium, selenium as well as other trace elements that are important for the body.

Since beer is mostly composed of water, it along with the help of alcohol helps to cleanse the kidneys. This composition is also effective in destroying the harmful bacteria that is present in water. Beer is the easy solution to a number of heart ailments, cancer, strokes etc.   A number of recent studies have proved that beer is good for heart. It is even better than wine.

Individuals who are worried about the health of heart should exercise and consume food in the right proportions but one glass of beer for women and two glasses of beer for men provides us with the extra energy and boosts up the health for most people. Hence one or two glasses of beer are always healthy for the body but more than that can cause harm to the body.

Studies also show that the presence of folate or Vitamin B9 contributes a lot to the healthful effects of beer. Folates help to fight off cardio-vascular diseases among the individuals.

Moderate consumption of beer is also helpful in the preservation of mental capacities among older women, as per a study carried out in the Harvard University in Cambridge.

Again, a study conducted in the Tufts University, Massachusetts claim that beer helps to maintain the mineral density in the bones. Hence it is particularly useful for the elderly people who have the tendency towards thinning bones.

Therefore, it can be said that consuming beer has several health benefits. However, one must be cautious to not to exceed the required level of the drink.