Health Benefits of Green Tea

Many an anthem has been sung to praise the benefits of green tea and the miraculous effects it has on your health. First and foremost it acts as an anti bacterial and anti viral agent and is known to cure various ailments. It effectively cures influenza. It helps to cure bone malfunctions and prevents the onset of osteoporosis.

Green tea is a rich source of vitamins. It is high in Vitamin C and Vitamin B. These help to reduce blood pressure. It helps to fight elevated blood sugar levels and fight stress. It is even known to act as an effective anti aging agent.

The tea is a source of anti oxidants that help to prevent arthritis. Diabetes can be controlled by drinking a few cups of green tea daily.

Green tea is known to help in weigh reduction as it helps to burn extra calories. It helps to reduce cholesterol levels and hence maybe a cure for obesity as well. It also boost the metabolic rate in a person.

It helps to heal malignant cancerous cells. Stomach cancer, ovarian cancer, oral, prostate and breast cancers are known to benefit from green tea consumption daily.

For women suffering from camps during the periods; green tea helps to prevent and reduce the onset. It also reduces the flow during these days. Because of its calming quality; it is known to take away any aches and pains as well as reduce stress during these days. It also helps is blood clotting in case of an open wound.

If you are detoxifying your body then you can choose to go on a green tea diet for a few days. The tea will help you to sustain the energy that you need to be active during the day as well as provides your body with the essential nutrients that you need.

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