Health Benefits of High Fiber Foods

Fiber rich foods are known for their curative powers against constipation and other serious illnesses like most forms of cancer and gallstones and diabetes. Fiber rich foods are an important part of your diet as they do not break down as they pass through the digestive tract. Hence they are effective in the prevention of heart related disorders.

Fibers are insoluble and soluble. The latter dissolves during the process of digestion and thus creates a gel like coating on the internal digestive tract and prevents it from absorbing fats and oils, this helps to maintain low cholesterol levels. Thus fiber is indirectly linked to the prevention of heart diseases and strokes. The soluble fiber helps to control the glucose absorption in your blood and hence is effective in maintaining your levels of diabetes. This type of fiber is found in fruits and vegetables, oats and brown rice.

Insoluble fiber does not get broken down in the digestive tract and as a matter of fact it absorbs water from the food you eat. It helps to prevent constipation by regulating the bowel movements. This sort of fiber can be found in wheat, beans, bran and figs. Recent research has proved that this type of fiber is linked to the prevention of breast cancer.

Fiber diets have other health benefits too. It helps to regulate weight and control ones weight gain. The fiber in your body absorbs the fats and eliminates them; thereby not allowing your body to have an excess amount of fat.

If you feel that your diet lacks fiber, then you can speak to your doctor about the various options and diets that you can follow. However, one must be cautious about the consuming fiber in huge amounts as it can have negative effects as well ranging from bloating to stomach cramps and severe acidity.