Health Benefits of Strength Training

Most men and women suffer with weight loss and those who lose them often are able to stay on their goal weight. In most cases they begin to pack on the pounds within a few months. This is dangerous as it leads to emotional imbalance as well. The important thing to remember is that even after you gain your goal weight you do not fall into old habits but you continue the diet and exercise regime that you were on. Along with aerobics and cardio you must look into strength training as it helps you to maintain a steady weight.

Even though you may lose weight, your bones keep changing rapidly and they become more fragile if you give up exercising. Weight bearing exercises or strength training can help to keep your bones strong.

Weight training mainly includes lifting weight. This helps you to tone your muscles and helps to burn fat. The exercise has a lasting impact on your body throughout the day; many hours after you have stopped training. The more endurance you gain the more weight you will be able to lift and the more fat you are able to burn during the workout.

To begin weight training you need to start slowly and avoid too much strain initially. Lifting too much weight for too long can be harmful. Weight training is done best when under the supervision of a trained professional.

Weight training should also not be a replacement for your cardio program. When you are doing cardio workouts like running, swimming or jogging, you start off well but as you progress into the routine you are at risk of slower down and losing your momentum, thus losing lesser weight. Strength training works best when combined with cardio and a healthy well balanced diet. Cardio workouts may help to build your muscle mass but strength training has a bigger impact.

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