Health Benefits of Versatile Geranium Oil

The essential oil of geranium is derived by the steam distillation of stem and leaves of geranium plant. It is a versatile essential oil that can treat depression, frustration, hypertension, anxiety etc. It helps to uplift one’s mood and to overcome unnecessary fear, confusion and lack of confidence. It is able to act both as a sedative and stimulant. Geranium oil also helps to ease out menstrual problems. It is also an excellent beauty aid which balances sebum secretions both in dry and oily skin.  The oil contains molecules of more than 250 chemicals.

Geranium oil acts as an astringent. It helps the gums, muscles, skin, tissues and blood vessels to contract. Thus it helps to prevent the aging of the skin, premature loosening of skin and muscle, fall of teeth, and also stops hemorrhage by contracting blood vessels.

Geranium oil prevents bacterial or microbial development. Thus if you apply few drops of geranium oil on any wound and clean your wound with it, it will protect you from infection and help to heal up the wound without further complications.  It also stops bleeding of the wound in two ways. First of all being an astringent it helps to contract the blood vessel and secondly being haemostatic it helps to clot the blood.

Geranium oil is a good eraser for any types of skin blemish or spots. Sometimes we get scars for different reasons – boils, acne, surgery, pox, fat cracks etc. To apply Geranium oil, first clean the area where you have spots. Apply geranium oil with the help of cotton wool or a bud for specific application. It enhances blood circulation just below the surface of skin to fade and remove the spot. It speeds up blood circulation below the surface of the skin and distributes melanin uniformly. It also helps to regenerate cells, thus healing up wounds without leaving any scars.

of this oil increases urination and helps to remove toxins from our body. It helps to wash out excess acid and bile. Geranium oil has a very pleasing aroma for which you can use it as a deodorant.  It is also beneficial when applied on acne, skin diseases, infection of nose, burns, eczema, ulcers, tonsillitis and also post menopausal problems.