Health suggestions during menopause

The time when menstruation of a woman slowly decreases and finally stops is called menopause. It is the period when women do not have menstruation for a period of twelve months consecutively. It is normal for every woman.
During menopause, due to a number of hormonal changes a number of physical changes and mental changes, take place in women. As a result, the women need to consult the Physician that she trusts and can talk about her concerns and treatment in this period.
Symptoms of menopause: There are varieties of symptoms during menopause. However, the most common symptoms are insomnia, hot flushes, night sweats, vaginal drying, sudden depression, mood swings, thinning of hair, growth of facial hair, forgetfulness, etc.
Hormone Replacement Therapy: In this treatment, estrogen level is boosted, which according to some widely concluded studies, erase heart ailments and osteoporosis, prevent colorectal cancer, and could improve the life quality. It also helps to keep young.
Vitamin-E: According to some women, vitamin-E helps a lot in the reduction of hot flushes but extensive research suggested that vitamin-E reduces hot flushes only marginally.
Natural Progesterone Cream: A recent study suggested that natural progesterone cream reduces hot flushes significantly. A very small quantity- as little as ¼ teaspoon is required.
Eating healthy: During this period of time, one has to eat healthy in particular as the body goes through a number of hormonal changes. Fresh fruits and vegetables, intake of grains like whole wheat, brown rice in the food habits, skimmed milk and low cholesterol and low fat products should always be included in the diet.
Exercise: Exercise plays a vital role and has a positive mood effect on a person. Exercise helps in the release of endorphins (a hormone) which are involved in the positive response to stress of the body. Walking and swimming are also very good exercises during this period of time.
Yoga: Yoga is a necessity for every woman during menopause. Though menopause is a natural biological development of every woman, it may be followed by the risk of heart disease and osteoporosis. Certain yoga suggestions and treatment like Kapalabhati, Tadasana, Suryanamaskar, Trikonasana, Padmasana, Pavanamuktasana, etc. and simple meditation helps in deteriorating anxiety, stress and a number of other ailments of the body.