Health Tips For Breastfeeding Mothers

Every mother becomes happy seeing her baby while breastfeeding. Knowing the importance of mother’s milk for the baby, mothers take care to feed their babies many times a day. But in the process, they neglect their own health.


Mothers don’t understand that the quality of milk depends on their health which in turn depends on the type of food they eat. So, proper diet for breastfeeding women is as much necessary as in case of pregnant women.

Health Tips For Breastfeeding Mothers

The diet of nursing mother should not be confined to vitamins and mineral supplements. The diet should include balanced proportions of all the nutrients. Eating many servings of fruits and vegetables is essential. Wholegrain cereals, dairy products rich in calcium and protein rich foods should also be taken for a complete balanced diet. Although it is not important that mother should eat for two.

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Drinking sufficient amount of fluid in form of water and fruit juices is also needed. But make sure to avoid carbonated and caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee in excessive amount. Take special care to notice if the baby is allergic to any specific food. Then avoid that food as it may be passed into the milk to the baby.


Stop drinking alcohol and quit smoking as they are harmful for both mother and child. If it’s not possible to quit these habits, then limit them to moderate intake at least.


Breastfeeding mothers should consult their doctors while taking any prescribed drug. Some drugs appear in the milk while feeding the baby. But there is no need to panic, as not all drugs appear in the milk. Therefore, it is important to discuss with the doctor before taking or stopping the use of a drug. A mother is responsible for taking care of her baby.

Taking care of a baby requires large amount of energy. Therefore, breastfeeding mothers’ diet should include sufficient amount of calories. The mothers can go easy on intake of fat, oil and sweets in their diet. There is no need to feel hesitation in eating spicy food.

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Spicy food does not affect the quality of milk in any way. The last but not the least, the mothers should keep themselves away from stress and unnecessary worries. A smiling mother can make her baby smile too.