Healthy and Natural Cold Remedies

A nasty cold doesn’t go away soon. You need to take a lot of care in order to get rid of the cold. A chest cold will cause a lot of discomfort as it leads to cough, congestion and disturbed sleep. Thus a small infection like a cold can disrupt your entire schedule.

There are several natural remedies that you can use to get rid of the cold and prevent it from disrupting your life. The key to getting rid of a cold is to melt the mucus so that it becomes thin and you are able to eliminate it from the body.

Herbs are very handy when you have a chest infection. Turmeric is an herb that helps to fight infections and gets rid of them gradually. If you are suffering with a chest cold then you need to add a pinch of turmeric to a glass of hot milk and drink it as hot as you can. The herb helps to soothe any irritation in the throat that may be caused as a result of the cold. It also helps to melt the thick mucus and eliminates it from the body. This remedy can be used several times a day; you will experience relief almost immediately.

Bitter gourd also acts as an effective remedy for common cold. Mix the paste of the bitter gourd with honey and have a spoonful of this mixture 3 to 4 times a day. Continue to have the mixture till you get some relief and do not feel congested any longer.

In order to get rid of the cold you need to increase your intake of Vitamin C. Juice of limes, lemons and oranges will helps to increase your vitamin intake naturally. If you are having lemon juice then you need to dilute the juice in warm water and add honey to the drink before you ingest it. This will help to increase your vitamin intake; the vitamins will help to fight the infection and you will feel relief within a few hours.

A soup made from chicken broth or that has garlic infused in it will help to fight the bacteria that cause the infection and helps to eliminate the cold from your body. It helps to keep the system clean and also eliminates the mucus from the body.

Ginger tea is also an easy yet effective remedy that helps to fight infections and eliminate the mucus build up in the body. Ginger tea also helps to control body temperature, prevents fevers and also prevents congestion and suffocation.