Healthy Diet for summer

Food is the first thing that should be taken into account in order to make the summer cooler and lighter. One must consume easily digestible and light food during summer season. Here are some healthy diet tips that can beat the heat of summer:

Water: In summer, one feels thirsty at all times. Water is the main element in keeping the body cool and hydrated. In some places, where the level of humidity is very high, sweat will not evaporate fast. Hence the body is disallowed to let go the heat in an able manner. Intake of sufficient amount of water will make the body feel cool and hydrated. One must intake water even when he is not feeling thirsty and regardless of any level of activity.

Fruits: The diet during summer must include a lot of fresh and juicy fruits seasonal fruits like mango, banana, orange, sweet lime, some jackfruits, watermelons, strawberries, guavas, grapes, papayas, cucumber, etc. Jackfruit and mangoes have source of carotene B that is converted into vitamin A and stored in the liver. However, too much of jackfruit can cause indigestion.

Curd: This is a very popular diet in summers. It helps in keeping the body cool and has proteins in pre-digested forms. Compared to milk, curd has rich quantities of vitamin B complex.

Carbonated and alcoholic beverages: Most drinks contain colors, preservatives and sugars. They contain diluted phosphoric acid that damages the inner lining of digestive tract. Consumption of excess soft drinks leads to the rise in phosphorus levels of the blood. Hence carbonated and alcoholic beverages should be totally avoided.

Fluids: Intake as much of fluids as possible in any healthy form. Lemon juice, thin butter milk and coconut water should be consumed more to beat the heat of summers. One should intake water in large quantities.

Hot spicy foods: Consumption of hot, spicy along with extremely salty food should be totally restricted in summers.  As the body tends to retain the organic salt, the inorganic salt is digested and has to be thrown out of the body. Hence intake of water becomes vital in summers.

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