Healthy Diet for Teenagers

Knowing what constitutes a healthy diet for teenagers is extremely vital information. If you have a teenager at home then you are aware of the fact that they still have a lot to grow up and the diet that they consume help to take them through their daily activities.

Teenagers need lots of calories and nutrients; they need huge doses of calcium, protein and fiber. A teenage girl requires 2100 calories while a boy needs 2700 calories daily. The calorie requirements vary according to the activities that the teens indulge in. It is impossible to leave food choices to the teens as they are likely to make the unhealthiest choices that you can imagine.

Key points for a healthy diet

You must make sure that breakfast is healthy and never allow anyone to leave the house without breakfast. Protein and complex carbohydrates with a fruit daily constitute a healthy breakfast; the kind that will keep anyone away from high calorie low nutrition food.

You must talk to the children about healthy lunch choices and as far as possible pack a healthy lunch and snack for school breaks. This will help you to include vegetables, fruits and protein and fiber rich foods in their diet. You must make sure to eat as many meals together as possible. This ensures that the children are eating adequate amounts of food and are eating right. Dinner is the only meals that you have control of and you must make sure that it is as healthy as possible. It is easier said than done considering that you too may be exhausted after a long day but you must try your best to make healthy meals. Dinner must include vegetables, fish, lean meats and legumes. If you have a sweet tooth then you must include a fruit based dessert to avoid eating too much refined sugar.

If your teenager is over weight as it conscious about it then you must make sure that you help him to lose weight and regain self esteem. You must make sure that the children are not indulging in beverages like sodas and colas as they are unhealthy and consist of empty calories. Fresh fruit juices are the best beverages choices for teenagers. You must make sure that they get plenty of physical exercise; especially if they are battling weight issues.

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