Healthy Diet To Improve Your Hair And Nails

The textures of your hair and nails have been determined by birth; however, the way you care for them has a lot to say about the way they grow. While topical treatments help; the best way to cure and improve them is from the inside out, which means you need to have a diet that compliments your hair and nails.

If you have low cholesterol then the best treatment for you then you need to increase your intake of protein. Eggs and fish are a great source of protein and they help to improve the texture of your hair and the length and health of it. You can also use egg whites on your hair as a natural conditioner.

Tea must be brewed with alfalfa and dandelion.

Foods rich in vitamin B5 also helps. If you feel that you are not able to get the required amounts in your diet then you can try and use vitamin supplements to fill the void.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are the key. They help to add water to your body, the natural sugars satisfy your cravings for sweets and the fruits themselves acts ass anti oxidants that help to purify the blood. They also help in the elimination of toxins from your body. The amount of fruits and vegetables you eat should compromise for 50 percent of your daily diet.

Dehydrated fruits and nuts like almonds, cashews and apricots are a good way to increase the amount of natural fruits and oils that you eat.

Onions, broccoli and sea foods are a rich source of sulfur. These are essential ingredients to a healthy meal.

In addition to the above, you must increase the amount of calcium you intake daily. Milk and dairy products are a rich source of calcium that helps to take care of the daily requirements.

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