Healthy effects of green tea

From the ancient times, the Chinese knew the medicinal benefits of green tea, and it was used to treat all diseases ranging from depression to control bleeding by curing wounds; blood sugar to headaches; regulating temperature of the body to promoting digestion; etc. Since 4000 years, countries of Asia including India, Thailand and Japan knew about the medicinal value of green tea.
Benefits of green tea:
Weight loss: Besides boosting a person’s energy, green tea is effective in losing weight. A recently concluded study shows that green tea diet is a very effective in weight loss.
Dealing with cancer: A recent research has proved that green tea hampers the growth of cancer cells. Some substances of green tea are even capable of wiping out the cancer cells without harming any other tissues that are fit and healthy.
Defending from cancer: Green tea can also help the body to defend against a number of cancers like ovarian cancer, stomach cancer, oral cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer and even prostate cancer with the help of EGCG anti-oxidants. All these cancers can be cured with the help of green tea.
Stopping blood clots: As green tea has EGCG anti-oxidants, it is very effective in stopping the creation of blood clots thereby reducing the development of thrombosis which in turn causes heart attacks and strokes.
Defend skin damage: A recent study has shown that the skin damage caused by ultraviolet radiation of the sun can be successfully defended with the help of green tea.
Controlling Obesity: In a recent study, scientists have also claimed that apart from boosting one’s energy, green tea can be also capable of reducing the cholesterol level of a person’s body. Therefore, it can be a possible cure for people fighting obesity.
Antimicrobial activity: Green tea is also known for antimicrobial activity but the details are yet to be researched and found out.
Defending cardiovascular diseases: Polyphenolic catechins of the green tea act as antioxidants, which totally decrease the causes of cardiovascular diseases.
Tea is the only beverage that is most popular in the world, just after water. Besides the above benefits, green tea works effectively against tooth decay and is helpful in inflammatory disease like arthritis.
The presence of some chemicals in green tea works against cold and influenza. However, overdose of the tea may lead to nausea, vomiting and trigger other side-effects. Hence, it should be taken under the supervision of a person having knowledge in botanical medicine.