Healthy Food to Eat When you are Breast Feeding

Most women breast feed their babies. It is the food that you eat that transfers directly to your baby. Eating a healthy well balanced meal is therefore extremely important as your baby receives nutrients from the food you eat. Mother’s should not eat spicy food as it affects the baby and may cause watery stools with the baby.

The key is to eating a healthy meal. Avoid eating calories that do not add nutritional value to your body. Try and eat as much healthy food as you can. Avoid snacking on fast food like chips and crisps but eat dry fruits and nuts as far as possible.

Do not worry about losing your pregnancy weight when you are breast feeding. You can worry about that later. You need to eat as much carbohydrates, proteins and fiber as your body demands.

Drink plenty of water. Your body will demand extra water daily. Your fluid intake must increase by 30 percent. Drink fresh fruit juices, smoothies and milk shakes to add variation to your diet. Avoid tea and coffee as the caffeine affects you and the baby. Also drinking alcohol is prohibited while you are breast feeding.

Continue eating calcium and iron rich food. Continuing your supplements is not a bad idea. Milk, cheese, butter, cottage cheese and yogurt do wonders for you as well as your baby.

Spend a few minutes in the morning sun. You will get an increase in your daily Vitamin D dose automatically.

Good foods to eat when you are pregnant are boiled and steamed rice, lentils, spinach, chicken, fish and fruits of all kinds. Avoid eating red meat and eggs as they are not good for the baby.  Eating shell fish may affect the baby’s sleep patterns and cause a stomach ache so it should be avoided. Eat plenty of whole grain and pastas and bread.