Healthy Foods That Help Avoid Swine Flu

Swine flu caused by viruses affect people with a weakened immune system. Malnourished persons are more susceptible to Infections. So everyone should take great care to take a nutritionally balanced diet to promote a strong immune system.

Anyone wishing to build a strong immune system and avoid swine flu should take foods rich in protein. He should take foods like meat, chicken, eggs, fish, milk, pulses, vegetables, nuts, seeds and soy-based foods. Having minimum 3 servings of these foods help to build a barrier against viral infections like swine flu.

Follow the color theme and include a lot of bright orange and green vegetables like carrots and pumpkins, apricots, mangoes,  spinach and cabbage. The vitamin A in these vegetables helps to make the respiratory membranes strong.

Vitamin C rich and healthy foods like peppers spinach and citrus fruits like berries or frozen peas fresh or canned have anti-viral properties and help mobilizing bug-eating macrophage cells. Zinc found in healthy foods like beef, eggs and seafood especially crabs, oysters and sardines help to form antibodies to fight the infection of swine flu. Additionally,  healthy foods like whole grain and pumpkin seeds are pretty good to build antibodies against swine flu.

It is good to include healthy foods like apples, spinach, and other greens with iron in them. If one is unable to get all the vitamins one can insist on taking a multivitamin and mineral supplement daily to boost one’s immune system and avoid swine flu.

Besides, allicin obtained from chewing raw garlic helps to stand as a guard against the attack of swine flu. Chewing of  cloves are equally good to avoid swine flu.

Herbal medicine/Medical herbalists suggest taking two echinacea tablets two or three times a day with a 300mg tablet of extract of St Johns Wort three times a day. In addition herbal tea made by adding equal parts of mint, elderflower and yarrow could also be beneficial.

Hence it is best to take immediate action and include healthy foods to build up immunity and avoid the deadly disease, swine flu.

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