Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

If you are on a diet and are attempting to loose weight that does not mean that you need to avoid snacking. In order to loose weight you need to eat small meals at regular intervals; however these meals need to be healthy.

Most dieters choose to eat only the main meals and skip snacks; this has a negative impact on their health as it leads to eating larger portions at the main meal. There are several healthy snacks that you can munch on throughout the day. These foods will help you to boost energy levels as well as prevents consumption of empty calories.

Popcorn is an extremely healthy snack food. It is fiber dense and is extremely low on calories. In order to benefit from this snack food you must prepare it at home without using butter to cook it. Use olive oil instead. Avoid eating microwave popcorn as it is high in sodium; salt in huge amounts is unhealthy.

Eat a handful of nuts during the day. They are rich in fiber and natural oils. As a matter of fact the vitamin E from the nuts boosts the body’s immunity against cancer, osteoporosis, asthma and skin infections.

I snack on peanut butter. It is an energy booster and a source of protein. You can have the butter with toast, bread or with apples. The nuts in the butter are delicious; eat a few spoons of the butter in order to avoid binging on other unhealthy snacks for a few hours.

I also love to have a smoothie when I feel the urge to snack. The blend of the fruits with yogurt will satisfy your hunger pangs and load your body with nutrients and enzymes that your body requires.

Low fat yogurt is another snack food option for weight watchers. You can have a bowl of yogurt during the day or night; it helps to satisfy your sugar cravings. Eating a bowl of low fat yogurt daily will help to reduce your weight within a few weeks.

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