Healthy Snacks that Help you to Avoid Gaining Weight

Ever feel that you are constantly hungry when you are on a diet and food keeps haunting your thoughts constantly. If you have experienced this then you need to understand that when you are on a diet, your body craves the food that it is normally used to getting when you are not dieting. It is your body’s way of telling you that it needs certain nutrients that it is lacking due to the diet. The key here is to eating a few healthy snacks that will not harm your calorie count for the day as well as maintain your body’s nutrients level.

When I am on a diet my body craves chocolates since I am addicted to them. There is no harm in this. I eat 20 chocolate covered raisins. The raisins are definitely good for my system while the chocolate ads only 78 calories to my body and about 3 grams of fat. So I have a healthy snack as well as take care of my cravings.

Your body will generally crave carbohydrates. In this case you can choose to have a slice of raisin bread or a waffle. The bread will add 88 calories to your system while the latter will add about 97 calories. Both are good snack options as they fill you up.

A healthy dessert option will be a bowl of yogurt. Since it is natural there is no risk of gaining weight from it. The yogurt also helps to fulfill your daily nutrient requirement while adding just calories.

If you are looking for a salty snack then choose either puffed rice or salted peanuts. You can binge on bowls of puffed rice as they add close to zero calories while peanuts are healthy and add 9 calories per serving. Another good option is air popped corn. It is an excellent snack for when you are working from home in front of your computer or are watching Television and being a couch potato.

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