Healthy Tips To Help Prevent Sugar Cravings

Every person craves sugar. Women in particular are constantly fighting sugar cravings. On an average we consume 22 spoons of sugar daily; this may be directly or indirectly. Most of our fast foods and snacks are high in sugar. A diet that is high in sugar has several side effects.

Sugar increases the possibility of obesity, diabetes and also increases ones risk of hyperactivity. Those that are diagnosed with high cholesterol must be particularly careful about the amount of sugar they consume during the day.

How to stop sugar carvings

In order to prevent sugar cravings one must eat a healthy balanced meal. A combination of healthy fats, protein, carbohydrates and fiber help to control ones sugar cravings. Fats, protein and fiber help the body to feel satisfied for a longer period of time and thus help to prevent sugar cravings.

Carbohydrates contain mineral and vitamins that are essential for the body and thus they prevent the body from craving sugar.

The body has cravings when it lacks certain foods. In order to prevent any cravings one must eat at regular intervals. This means that one must snack regularly and eat small meals at regular intervals. This will help to control ones energy levels and eventually control the body’s need for sugar.

Eating healthy snacks like fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy nuts and dried fruits provides the body with all the nutrients and vitamins that the body requires. Fruits also contain natural sugars and thus they help to control ones sugar cravings. Fiber in the fruits and vegetables keeps a person from feeling hungry for a long time and thus helps to prevent ones craving for sugary treats.

One must try yoga and meditation in order to prevent sugar cravings. Yoga helps to control ones sugar cravings by meditation and other forms of exercise.

There is no harm in eating sugar in small amounts; the key is to eating it in moderation so that the body is able to satisfy its cravings. However, if you notice that your body is craving sugar in large quantities then you must be aware and cut down on your cravings by using the tips that we discussed here.